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24 June,2020 Jethro

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In the previous article, we used a particularly simplified model to describe how the simplest SEO is done. If you really have followed this series of articles step by step, then I think that this relatively simple keyword must have been ranked.

If this is the case, on the basis of obtaining a small amount of results, you must be not satisfied enough. After all, how is it enough to have only one keyword... There are so many keywords and you want them all to get a ranking, so what should one do?

Just like a dozen years ago, all SEOers were talking about SEO keyword optimization. In recent years, many people are talking about SEO whole site optimization. In this article, let’s talk about how to lay out multiple keywords when optimizing the entire site. In order to facilitate understanding, I will follow the previous method and try to simplify it to a simple model.

Overall execution framework:

1. Deploy brand words and relatively difficult general words or product words on the homepage. Recommend homepage carry 3 to 5 keywords

2. For more keywords, use inner pages for layout, for each inner page, it is recommended to carry 1 to 3 long-tail keywords

3. Each keyword has a unique main landing page

4. On the homepage, use keywords to link to all landing pages of inner pages

5. Each landing page uses a homepage keyword link to return to the homepage

6. Any specific keywords that appear on the site are linked to this unique main landing page of the specific keyword

I can understand that seeing these sentences, if one does not have any SEO or web technology foundation, it's overwhelming. Then let's talk about it in 2 parts. In the first part, I will first explain the "technical terms" that I find difficult to understand, using the most popular words I can think of. In the second part, I will explain what the above 6 items mean.

Part One Explanation of Terms

(I do not seek professionalism and precision in explanation, but I hope it is easy to understand) Deploy: the action of "putting" the considered keyword on the page

Brand word: You understand without me explaining, for example, words like "Jiangsu TV", "Blancpain", "ECOMMA"

Generic words: similar to indutry type words, this "generic" means that, unlike brand words, you can use them, and others can also use them. For example, "watch", "top watch", "SEO". Generic words may not all be the hottest keywords, for example: "Professional SEO company in Putuo District", which is also a generic word, but the degree of competition may not be too high.

Product word: Your product name, for example, "Blancpain Fifty Fathoms".

Long-tail keywords:can be simply understood as keywords with relatively low competition, less popular, or more word counts

Landing page: A user searches for a certain keyword in Baidu, and then finds your website. After clicking this search result, it redirects to a page, which is the landing page.

Keyword link: This refers to a text type hyperlink, and the text is the keyword. Click on this keyword, you can jump to the corresponding landing page. For example, our keyword is "ECOMMA", then the keyword link is: ECOMMA, you can try one click. Here, ECOMMA is the keyword, and www.ggseo.cn is the link. "ECOMMA" is called a keyword link. Well, it's a bit wordy, but should it be easy to understand?

Part Two Whole Site SEO Execution

Part I: Keyword Selection

First introduce a tool,

The keyword planner of Baidu Promotion, if you have a Baidu Promotion account, you can go directly.

If not, register a new one online, entrance: http://www2.baidu.com

It should be fine without depositing money (that is, you may receive sales promotion from Baidu after registration). The word "register" is relatively small. Look carefully.

After logging in,

1. Click "Enter" on the right side of "search promotion"

2. In the tool center in the top navigation, you can find the "Keyword Planner":

3. Click "Enter" to open, as shown in the figure below, enter keywords, remember for the "region" part, select all regions. Baidu can give expanded keywords and their search volume based on the entered keywords.

If you are a novice and the website is ordinary with a Baidu weight of less than 2, you should choose keywords with lower difficulty in the initial stage, usually keywords with lower difficulty (for example, "over 20 average daily search volume" keywords) contains a difficult keyword, which does not conflict.

Assumption: The keyword I chose is "Blancpain Gold Eagle Watch". This is a low difficult keyword. In fact, it also includes the two keywords "Gold Eagle Watch" and "Watch". Therefore, choosing a low difficulty keyword on the homepage will not affect our good performance in popular keywords in the next few years.

Be sure to select long-tail keywords on the inner page. It is recommended that novices choose keywords with an average daily search volume of less than 5.

As for what you might think, I have a lot of popular keywords that I want to do SEO, can't place them on the inner pages, can only place 3 to 5 on the homepage. Isn't that all hopeless? This is actually another topic. If we have high ambitions and there are many popular keywords that we want to do, we usually use special topics and aggregation to complete. In the future, I will write a separate article to talk about.

As for the explanation of the six details that need to be executed, we will talk about it next time. For the whole site SEO, we expect to finish in 2 articles.

The whole series is divided into five articles:

"Is My Website Suitable For SEO?"-ECOMMA hand in hand teach you to do SEO series one

"Is the SEO Performance of My Website Good?" -ECOMMA hand in hand teach you to do SEO series two

"Choose A Keyword to Start SEO"-ECOMMA hand in hand teach you to do SEO series three

“Whole Site SEO (Part 1)” -ECOMMA hand in hand teach you to do SEO series four

“Whole Site SEO (Part 2)” -ECOMMA hand in hand teach you to do SEO series five

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