How Is My Website's SEO Done? _SEO Tutorial 2

24 June,2020 Jethro

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In the previous article, We talked about how to see if the current website is suitable for SEO. When we find that everything is OK, we also need to understand how our website's current SEO performance is: Is it poor? Or does it already have a certain foundation?

1. What is Baidu Inclusion?

After knowing SEO, the words we heard the most, in addition to "ranking" and "traffic", I am afraid it is "inclusion".

What exactly does Baidu Inclusion mean?

Let's talk about some of the most basic search principles first. When we search for a keyword, we can get a lot of search results immediately. Intuitively, we may think that when we submit the keyword, Baidu will go online and grab relevant pages to show us. It's basically correct, but here is a small detail that needs to be made clear:

These related web pages are not found by Baidu on the Internet in real time when we enter keywords. Rather, Baidu's crawling program stores all valuable web pages that can be crawled in its own database in advance. Then when we search, Baidu shows them to us. Our webpage was put into its database by Baidu. Generally we call the web page included.

In other words, only if the web page is included, can it be displayed, can it be said that it is possible to obtain ranking and traffic in the future.

Therefore, inclusion is the basis for doing SEO. We must first observe the inclusion status of our website.

How to check the inclusion volume?

In the search box, enter "site: domain name", in the results, you can view the number of inclusions of your own website or someone else's website.

If you want to get a more accurate inclusion volume (index volume) of your own website, you can register for "Baidu Webmaster Platform" (already renamed as Baidu Search Resource Platform), but you need to verify the ownership of the website, and you may need IT assistance.

The larger the inclusion volume, the better, but a 300-page website with 200 pages included, and a 3000-page website with 300 pages included, the former is definitely healthier.

So inclusion rate is the first indicator we need to pay attention to.

If most pages of the website are not included, then this is an extremely dangerous signal.

The inclusion rate has no fixed pass line. Different websites have their own special circumstances, but in general, 60%-90% are more acceptable.

When it comes to inclusion, we may have to mention concepts such as snapshots, snapshot dates, and "homepage is not first". But it's a bit more complicated to talk about, let's talk in a single post in the future.

2.What is the concept of "Baidu weight"?

Let's talk about a term you may have heard many times-Baidu weight. In the process of communicating with clients, we found that there are several common misunderstandings about Baidu weight:

Mistake #1: Baidu weight is just like Google PageRank, a rating that Baidu officially gives to websites.

In fact, Baidu weight is a third-party tool that gives a website a rating of its ability to get Baidu’s organic traffic. Among them, the Baidu weight score from "Aizhan (" and the Baidu weight score from "Zhanzhangzhan" are more recognized by everyone.

Mistake #2: Baidu weight is the same as PageRank, which is a rating for web pages.
In fact, Baidu weight is for the entire website, and there is only one Baidu weight for the entire website (may be different on PC and mobile).

Mistake #3: Baidu weight is the same as Google PageRank, changes only once in a long time.
In fact, Baidu weight is updated frequently. According to the situation that Baidu updates its website rankings every Friday, it is likely to change once a week.

Mistake #4: If the Baidu weight is high, it means that all aspects of my website such as external links are strong.
In fact, Baidu weight is only relevant to the results. The more keywords that can bring traffic and can be ranked in the top 50 results in Baidu, and the more popular the keywords, the higher the Baidu weight.

What is Baidu inclusions? How to check inclusions? What's the matter with the first page not in the first place? Why isn't the website homepage the first result? Is the inclusions from Site accurate?

In summary:

After we have checked the website's inclusions and Baidu weight, we can make a basic judgment. The higher my inclusion rate, the higher the Baidu weight of my website, then, the better my website's SEO performance.

Of course, there are some details, for example: when looking at Baidu weight, if you find that all keywords are derived from brand words, this is mainly due to brand promotion, not all due to the effect of SEO.

Generally speaking, for websites with a Baidu weight of 0, basically, in the short term, such as 3 months or half a year, it is impossible for the website to get a good ranking among any keywords that are slightly popular. The current work is mainly to enrich the content and improve the content quality, and then consider optimizing some long-tail keywords and unpopular keywords.

For enterprise websites that have not conducted SEO, a weight of 1-2 is a relatively common situation. At this time, it can only be said to be a general and basic website.

If the Baidu weight is 3-4, then you can consider more popular keywords and deeper SEO operations.

As for 5, 6 or above, it can be said that the website is no longer a small website. If you have reached this standard without SEO, then appropriate SEO strategy can make your website traffic reach a higher level.

In this sharing, we mainly talked about 2 basic concepts, inclusion and Baidu weight. We can already roughly judge the basic condition of our website.

From the next article, we will start the formal SEO operations. I will take you step by step to deploy keywords, establish an SEO tracking system, and observe the changes and improvements in rankings. Don't miss it.

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