• Brand introduction: French top luxury brands

    Since 2011, assist Louis Vuitton from the Chinese version website of to smoothly switch to and correctly crawled and indexed by Baidu search engine (index)

    Through the optimization of the official website and the construction of Internet word-of-mouth content, guide users to the official website of the brand to increase the number of website visits and orders

  • Marketing goal

    • 1

      Improve the brand-wide awareness of the brand's official online sales channels in China, and guide more users to choose the brand's official sales channels to purchase

    • 2

      Improve brand website visits from search engines and order conversion rates

  • Solution

    Through the guidance of word of mouth and the improvement of the search performance of the website itself, the conversion rate of natural traffic on the website has increased by more than 10 times

    Before optimization

    The search results before key keyword optimization contain a large amount of fraud information and a large amount of content implanted in purchasing information.


    Reducing purchasing related information, in addition to guiding consumers to purchase on the official website, it also emphasizes that the official website has a variety of styles, and there are limited models recommended.

    Combined with the "RED Book", China's largest grass planting platform, with the product to shoot and write original notes, at the same time optimize the notes, and get the top ten ranking place in the keyword platform search results.