• Problems encountered by ARKU

    Faced with China's complicated national conditions, it has no clue in China's localized marketing, and it is difficult to trust Chinese local suppliers

    Global website unification, for Baidu, targeted adjustments are not possible, and localized marketing in China is restricted

    The website is placed on an overseas server, and Chinese users have slow access speed, sometimes even unable to access

  • How do we help ARKU

    Set up a separate Chinese site for arku. The front end refers to the design of the global site to ensure the unity of the company's external image. The website back-end uses the CMS system independently developed by Ecomma. The system itself is designed based on the principle of SEO optimization. The start of the website is the beginning of SEO optimization. ;

    Purchase and deploy high-quality domestic web hosting for arku, and provide maintenance, management and filing (Chinese law requires that all domestic websites must provide enterprise qualifications to relevant government units for filing) and other related services;

    Find industry high-traffic keywords for arku, deploy them reasonably into the official website, and optimize the entire site to improve the natural ranking of industry keywords and save advertising costs;

    Provide Baidu bidding advertising management service for arku, effectively increase the website traffic.