Know what kind of platform it is

Zhihu is an online Q & A community that connects users from all walks of life. Users share each other's knowledge, experience, and insights, and continuously provide a variety of information for the Chinese Internet. On November 8, 2017, Zhihu was selected as the influence of the era · China Business Case TOP30.

registered user

220 million

registered user

32 million

registered user

130 million

registered user

1 hour

Knowing high-quality users is an influential group of the Chinese Internet

Knowing the high-quality people lead the mainstream of society

According to the analysis of Zhihu, the age is mainly distributed between the ages of 30-39, and the ratio of male to female is 6: 4. There are many Kochi users in professional fields.

Quality Life Seeker

Focus on brand, love life, pay attention to finance, enjoy travel, value style, pursue fashion

Knowledge middle class

Long-term reading habits, self-improvement, potential middle class, corporate white-collar workers, managers, professionals

New new human

Diverse interests, love to play and share, like new things, like social, trendy, online shopping

Well-known scholars, opinion leaders, experts in the field, industry pioneers know

Know the role of marketing

Brand exposure
  • Original professional content
  • Combine current events and trigger interaction
  • Establish a flow pool to precipitate brands
Brand reputation
  • Precise search, build word of mouth
  • Popular topics spread word of mouth
  • Professional answer to settle word of mouth
Brand conversion
  • Brand exposure brings awareness
  • Brand reputation brings recognition
  • Which leads to subscription conversion

Know the role of marketing

With the help of the flow foundation of existing problems, KOL writes and answers questions about the relevant vertical fields
A large number of KOLs performed follow-up praise, momentum, and public opinion maintenance

Do you like to like the "how to evaluate ××××" sentence heading style, such as how to evaluate the top watch camp? How about Blancpain's fifty fathoms?

Optimization targeting strategy:

  • Choose a set of knowing stickers as position stickers for the main brand words and product words, and focus on optimizing and maintaining the main position stickers;
  • The content is mainly based on products, and the popular science content such as ingredient analysis can be published, and related content is regularly published in conjunction with brand activities.

Zhihu cooperation KOL

The total number of first-hand KOLs exceeds 300

Optimization Case-Blancpain

Optimization Case-Zhongan