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Red Book is an online community and a cross-border e-commerce company. It is also a shared platform and a word-of-mouth library. Opening the Red Book, there is no promotion and sales promotion by the merchants, but only the "consumer notes" written by users, which not only makes the products more authentic and credible, but also conveys a beautiful lifestyle. At present, Red Book has 80 million + daily active users, and the user group is mainly around 95 female consumer groups. Red Book is in the bonus period. Partial investment invitations began in October 2017. In January 2018, the full investment invitation was officially opened. More and more brands are paying attention to the precise traffic of Red Book and the high conversion ability of user groups.

Red Book promotes cooperation


Official account notes

(the contents of the text are responsible for Party B)


Original notes

(Party A is responsible for publishing, Party B provides graphic outlines and reference directions)


KOL Master Promotion

(Cooperate with the operation and select the most up-and-comers.)


Note ranking optimization

(ranked in the top five keywords for a month)


Design optimization

(shop homepage, main graphic design, detail page design, etc.)

Red Book Promotion Service Process

Write notes

Post notes

Like collection

Comment maintenance

Ranking maintenance

Red Book cooperates with KOL Reds

(2985 KOL)Involving beauty, skin care, mother and baby, home, gourmet, shopping, luxury, etc.

Red Book Promotion Case

Red Book Promotion Fee

Provide customized service packages or release KOLs according to the status of the brand, Service fees are charged based on published manuscripts or ranking optimization requirements. Welcome to contact us.