Have you encountered these problems about barnd's word-of-mouth?

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    My brand information is too little on Baidu?

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    Search my brand, why do competitors appear in front of me?

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    My product is also good, why are there so few reviews ?

Maybe this is what you want to see in search results!

SWOM, Let your clients know you are the one for them

Brand information laying, highlighting corporate norms and strength

Exposure of third-party word-of-mouth information to quickly enhances customer trust

promote customer interest, and then make them try to experience, obtaining conversions

Effective layout of brand information to seize search results

Effective way to win in word-of-mouth marketing

Find the right person

Target users, analyze search Search habits, lock channels

Say the right thing

Customize the communication content to Resonate and spread

Convey to the right place

Word of mouth search, accurate communication

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