Why do you need a SEO company from China ?

China's search market is very different from the world’s


Bai du

Unique to China


Sou gou

Unique to China


Shen ma

Unique to China





Hao Sou

Unique to China




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The main differences between Baidu and other search engines

1. Baidu mainly includes simplified Chinese web pages

Baidu is a Chinese search engine that pays little attention to search results in other languages. For some foreign websites, almost only the homepages of some well-known websites in China are included, and they are mainly searchable in brand keywords. For example, the homepage of "Japan Amazon" can be searched, and other 99.99% Japanese websites cannot be searched Here.

And google / yahoo / bing will include multilingual web pages, bing has a Chinese version, Yahoo does not have a special Chinese version.

  • Therefore, to do Baidu SEO, you need a dedicated Simplified Chinese website
  • Domain names in other countries, such as .jp, often fail to achieve good SEO performance
  • Independent website with .com or .cn domain name recommended

2. Top-level domain independent websites have better priority in Baidu

Baidu gives priority to search results of top-level domain names in the search results of some highly competitive keywords.

And google / yahoo / bing pays more attention to relevance. Even if it is a page on the website, as long as the keywords are relevant, you can get a good search impression.

This has resulted in a big difference between Baidu SEO and other search engine SEO in the deployment of landing page keywords.

  • This has resulted in a big difference between Baidu SEO and other search engine SEO in the deployment of landing page keywords.

3. Baidu limits search results for sensitive keywords

There are a lot of sensitive keywords in China, including politics, violence, pornography, gray industries, etc., all of which are sensitive keywords. These search results were largely filtered by Baidu. So the search results are very different from google and yahoo. The Chinese version of bing also has some review and filtering, but because of different mechanisms, the results are also quite different.

4.Baidu significantly adjusted the algorithm of external links in 2016

Baidu significantly adjusted the algorithm of external links in 2016, while the external link algorithms of Google and Yahoo are relatively continuous and stable, which has caused Baidu to be very different from other search engines in its external link strategy.

5. Differentiate Your Own Product in Search Results

In the Baidu search engine, most of the search results come from Baidu's own products, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Know, Baidu Pictures, Baidu Experience, and other search engines, each with its own characteristics. For example, there are many Wikipedias in the Google search results; Bing Web Dictionary takes up a lot of space in the bing search results, and so on.

Chinese search marketing-environmental factors

envirnmental factor

  • 1. Baidu search engine marketing is a must-do media, with about 325 million users in China
  • 2. Baidu has a completely different model from Google, which is more complex and extensive.
  • 3. Google China lost a pillar, China's mode of operation = China's rules
  • 4. The cost of Baidu paid search has increased rapidly (quarterly), so everyone began to think of natural search engine optimization SEO
  • 5. Baidu itself attaches importance to the search engine optimization market


  • 1. Search engine optimization SEO + bidding SEM = win-win strategy, they generate the highest return on investment instead of reducing the minimum cost
  • 2. Search engine optimization is not just for your own website, it should be 360-degree
  • 3. Reputation management on search engines is important, because people will fabricate false information
  • 4. SEM is very important for Baidu search engine, because more than 80% of users do not know what is the difference between paid advertising and natural ranking
  • 5. Don't easily ignore the natural rankings from 5 to 10, because Chinese users will scroll to see the results below
  • 6. Many Internet cafe computers set Baidu as their default browsing page, so navigating search terms is crucial
  • 7. Brand search strategy is a smart way, because some keywords are highly competitive in search engine optimization.
  • 8. General keywords are very competitive on Baidu, the optimization cycle is long, and the conversion may not be high
  • 9. Content quality and optimization of external links are the core factors in Baidu's ranking algorithm.
  • 10. For any reason, if the website is punished by Baidu, it is more difficult for the salted fish to stand up.

Search Engine Marketing Global Concept

Two-pronged, maximize sales conversions

Search Engine Marketing Global Concept

Occupy the homepage position, the greater the probability of being clicked SEO brand reputation protection

Massive long tail words with SEO (cost savings, easier implementation) Brand words click PPC, broad words click SEO

User behavior is compared on the homepage, with SEO and SEM, brand words feel stronger The brand zone has a certain degree of perception, and the brand has a greater impact Copywriting Baidu Ban Keywords / Qualification Issues

SEO boosts website performance

SEO display is flexible and can display various symbols