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Technology team of GGSEO is qualified with perfectly full network technique: they are accomplished in web server, ASP, PHP and so on, and SOL Server, MYS QL data-base; in HTML code made up of DIV+CSS. We independently develop the static page in dynamic background, define EZHTML 4.0 website manage system of SEO relative parameter.

The main items managers are good at engaging in IT technology manage and market, deal with SEM for 5 years, and get attestation of Google advertisement experts. They are all qualified with rich specialty and excellent ability of item manages.

We have rich experiences in Chinese and English SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), network marketing. We make much research on WEB2.0, C2C, B2B, B2C website structure, running, and their payoff module inside and outside. As for SEM, we have made much practice in several business module, and gain nice effect. We collect rich experience on SEO, Pay for click, advertisement alliance and we work out some new innovation and practice for SEM, and we produce three SEM conformity service and expansive service based on SEO by combining with other network advertisements. And it brings the real value.

Our technology team apply themselves to study and innovate search marketing, regard the economic value customers get as our duty, let customers know that SEO is not only a easy keyword placement, but also a integrate settling project of website optimization and the last real effect is superior to easy keyword placement because optimized keyword and long keyword will bring the greatly aiming customers. We often provide customers with some pertinent suggestion: keyword reference, SEO server choosing, SEO fit to which industry and so on. We should let customers know SEO firstly, know the merit and weakness of SEO sever, and then ask them to taste SEO serve. We will plan pertinent SEO/SEM optimization according to industry criterion and long-term practice and wisdom and enterprises’ scale and market status and the enterprises can soon occupy their search engine market, and constantly get stable customers.


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