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2 Search engine optimization (SEO)

The whole website optimization is actually a set of integral SEO strategic, which emphasize website integrity and website details. SEO whole optimization is for long keyword flow, and does not give up any aim users, and know 90% of keywords which aim users need. Healthy development of website is important point in website running. The whole optimization is not only the keystone of search engine marketing, but also a necessary part of the whole website marketing.

Except for placement, the whole website optimization focuses on click and conversion. It doesn’t value some keyword’s placement on some search engine, but emphasizes all keywords’ placement on all search engines. According to research, limited long keyword can easily get nice placement, and bring good explorer, and the conversion is also higher.

Different from setting bid for placement, the whole website optimization could let your website get natural flow from more search engines by much more qualified keywords. And you are not afraid that your website is clicked and bid viciously.

According to statistics, 80% people only check the left organic placement of search engine. Good organic placement will be the symbol of company strength and brand popularity.

The whole website optimization effect:
We choose keywords by website orientation and marketing aim analysis, then optimize website content and structure around keywords, and make sure that all web pages respectively load different long keywords, and web pages is qualified with search-friendly design and let website have high record and good placement. After optimization, the website will have more pages in front of the organic search and get more organic click, and don’t need to pay every click.

The specific fee of the whole web optimization depends on web industry, web scale, and marketing goals and so on. Welcome to ask our successful cases, and know the whole procedure: 86-21-62607059-801


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