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1 Search-Friendly Web Design

Some companies emphasize websites’ visual effect, especially home page. They often use the complicated pictures or flash or Rich Media to show the company’s image. Of course, these can attract people’s attention on visual image, but from search engine optimization, they are no any value, and will even have some side-effects that search engine can not explore, and the customers also can not find this website according to this search engine.

Therefore, we don’t put beauty at first, but seek utility. We prefer to give up outer beauty between them. Because we don’t have completely same standard for visual effect, but search engines have the same search basis. If you are unfriendly for explore engine, you will loss your own potential customers. Another reason that we emphasize utility is: when customers visit some websites by search engine, they don’t enjoy website’s visual effect, but can get all information with keywords they use. We can imagine if users don’t find what they want in this website, they are sure to leave soon. This is result what you don’t wish.

Except many pictures and flashes, there are many ways which will affect website’s exposure and placement. GGSEO directly put SEO an idea into website’s developing. Except for website’s standard, function and utility, our designer and developer will use the advanced technology to make sure customers gain website with high equality and high effect and so your money and website value get best benefits.

When we design search engine, we must assure that all are searched by engine and then increase website flow.


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