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2 ROI Analysis

Rate of return of investing estimated is the real one that the enterprises devoted to internet, also the important index of evaluating website marketing, and making invest plan.
It is predictable for all online marketing, especially for search marketing. And they can provide the superior advertisement idea for invest return. Our responsibility is to let you use the least cost to get the most effective advertisement click and marketing sales.

The features of rate of return of investing estimated:

1.Probability distribution is the basis of risk measurement which reflects a series of possible results. The probability counted accurately is much more credible than other website marketing.

2.The rate of weighted mean collectively reflects uptrend measurement and standard difference is measurement of collective trend. The comprehensive analysis of different counting results provide the important complementary for later website marketing invest and can estimate benefits different strategy bring.

3.It is called website marketing invest group when you put several website market strategy. The strategy of high risk can lower the company’s risk by combinatorial analysis. If the non-diversifiable risk can not erase, effective lowering diversifiable risk can lessen the total risk of website marketing.

4.We should know that there is a close relation between risk and return. More risk, more return. It is the basic relation between them.

5.The rate of return of investing estimated is fit to business enterprises, long website invest group, accurate estimated invest rate of return and asset value.


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