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For each product, every one has its own idea and different value according to their situation and stand. The same product can not make all users satisfied, so is the enterprise.

When the product customers bought has difference with the real situation, he will express his dissatisfy on products by chat, calling (to friends, seller, producer, or Association of Consumers), complain on internet or blog, and post on forum and so on. Therefore, when you search company name or brand on Google, Baidu, or Yahoo, you will find some negative news, information.

Some people make a joke and say that now the most serious thing is not atom bomb, but media’s speculation. And their speed and effect is much more than other traditional media. It will let lotus sister who is uglier than zugeliang’s wife, fatter than Yang guifei become famous women; make singer in bar become hottest internet singer one night who signed by huana and then become the lunar music newer; let Nordun swore; let one company which can not satisfy customer only once notorious; let some enterprise with much negative news one light!

If the enterprise has negative news, at first he will ask PR Company to help them solve, especially Crisis PR Company. PR Company suppresses by media, or makes some positive news in order to decrease negative effect. However, with the developing of network, website PR has no time to delay from media. News paper and TV media bear less weight of information than website, so is time effect. And the negative information on network can last for a long time. Although the real media has not cooked up a hype of relative things, the negative effects on network may increase by germination. How to erase them? To some extent, it is possible to delete every line. The best way is to suppress.

ECOMMA Network use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to completely suppress, dilute harm spread brought by all crisis because of products, service, customers’ complain, industry environment, media research, working accident, law bothering, tortuous deal and so on. It will reduce crisis information to reach potential customers. It is not necessary for the enterprise to make any media relation or adopt other reputation. SEO will let loss of enterprise’s brand minimize. At the same time, we can issue information in favor of enterprise according to their request, and expand its negative effect or product advantages. Since the item starts, we offer continuous tracking maintenance in 1 year.

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