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2 Keyword & competitive research

The keyword analysis is pre-condition of the whole explore engine sales strategic. That is to say, if we can not do well on this, it is no use for explore sales.

Because: if your keyword is not very correct, even though your placement is in the front, you also cannot get effective click.
If your keyword is not very accurate, even though your placement is in the front, your flow also can not become your customers.

These results will let all SEO works go to waste and advertisement fee on a large of keyword will fiddle away. It is not only for SEO, but also for paid keywords advertisement optimization. Now most of companies do not know this. They are always complaining about inputting so large website fees, but getting bad effects. Because keyword analysis is not accurate, the return of investment is lower.

Therefore, we think: keyword analysis market is a large sub-dividable market. In American, keyword analysis of famous electronic business website like EBay, Amazon and so on, is not made by themselves, but by another company specializing in keyword analysis service. Why doesn’t so big company make keyword analysis by themselves? The facts prove that when they give this job to their cooperative company, their keyword advertisement conversion increase by 150%. The biggest company in American which serves keyword analysis can get up to one billion dollar turnover.

At present, GGSEO is the only one that serves keyword analysis in china. We established specific keywords center, which offer keywords explore and analysis. We make a data center for over 50 million keywords as fundamental analysis data and this figure is increasing.


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