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2 Paid search marketing (PPC)
During this financial crisis, maybe you decrease advertisement budget, buy why don't you try search advertisement of high cost performance? Maybe you are very familiar with bidding of Google, baidu, and yahoo. Which differences do they have between traditional advertisement and search advertisement? For traditional publicizing, TV, newspaper, magazine, broadcasting is limited by exposure time and area. They can not show all details the advertiser wants to express, and also can not accurately give advertiser the effective exposure times, but internet can come true by technologies. From consumer analysis, comparable with those people by traditional TV, broadcasting, newspaper, the people using internet have stronger purchasing power, because those who often get on internet are companies, white-collar worker, and government officers who have purchasing power, unlike traditional readers who are unable to buy them.

Advertisements on TV, broadcasting, newspaper are most finished in several minutes or one day. And they are difficult to express more details because of time and page space restrict, but website will let customers check all details of your product.
Due to above points, you can know the advanced advantage of website advertisement. But can only easy website advertisements bring benefits? Absolutely no! You should make website marketing, not only website advertisement putting. How can you manage your advertisement putting and budget, and know clearly your advertisement effect? GGSEO make sure that website advertisement is equal to enterprise benefit by specific website marketing service, and let your company take the lead in international financial crisis. By visiting statistics analysis, you can accurately know visiting times on time, and understand the effect of website advertisement. In addition, combining with internet, you can collect potential consumers, make a analysis, and sort and use them. These are not finished by traditional media. By choosing website marketing, selecting GGSEO, picking up the best putting ways, you can benefit the most.

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